One Fish, Two Fish

17 Apr

Since we’ve been using the guest bathroom while our master is under construction I noticed one day that I really liked the bright pop of pink from my robe against the color of the bathroom walls. It was a somewhat surprising color combination (for me at least) but I think I’ve been on a bright kick lately. And we are talking about pink here so it’s pretty hard for me to resist that. I decided to give it a try by making something budget friendly to go on the wall opposite the sink and mirror. I knew I had some old unused picture frames laying around that I could paint pink and figured I could pick up some paper from Paper Source to frame. I decided on the chubby little fish because they seemed fun and much more whimsical than I would normally pick. Could be a good thing to spice things up, right?

Fish - In progressI brought the tie to my robe to Michael’s with me to make sure I got the right paint so things seemed like they were going OK. Only problem is, they’ve been up for a couple weeks now and I’m still not convinced I like them. It’s almost that feeling of trying to force something or pretending to be something you’re not. The fact that I have two new backup pieces to hang on the wall instead can not be a good sign. Perhaps they’d be better in a different space or at a different time but I’m guessing these will be changed rather soon. Poor little fishies.

Fish - Guest Bathroom

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