Shelf dividers

20 Apr

So I’ve always been a little skeptical about shelf dividers. (You know, like these.) I’m all for shopping and all for organizational tools but it seemed like these would just serve as reminders to do what I’m supposed to do anyway – straighten up my piles when they fall down! And why should I spend money for a reminder like that? If the pile falling over wasn’t reminder enough, why would these be any better at the job? Well, I got them for the two shelves in our master bedroom closet anyway and they really do seem to work wonders. Maybe it is still the reminder factor when we’re taking down or putting away clothes but I’ll take it. And, as an added bonus, when I was putting them in I even managed to make an extra 12″ of room on my shelf!

Perhaps buying nice, matching hangers will be next. If only I thought I would transfer things to the nice hangers when they came home from the dry cleaners….

One Response to “Shelf dividers”

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