London and Ireland Album

22 Apr

It’s been almost a year since our vacation to London and Ireland and I finally finished our photo album! (You can see the online preview of the book here.) I’m not entirely sure what took me so long but I’m guessing it had something to do with the overwhelming number of pictures I take in hopes that some of them will actually be OK. While I’m good with details, I’m not necessarily sure the editing process comes naturally to me. But I kept the book to under 40 pages so I thought that was an accomplishment!

I’ve made my previous digital albums using MyPublisher, which I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to put their own book together. I compiled this one in Shutterfly though because I had some leftover gift card credits I needed to use. With the credits and current promotions I only ended up having to pay $10 for everything. Definitely can’t beat that! Hopefully the quality will be just as good as my others. 

After purchasing my album I somehow found my way to Shutterfly’s online gallery where I learned that there’s apparently a whole world of online digital scrapbooking. I thought that was all based on what the sites (i.e. Shutterfly) were offering but some of the albums and comments made it seem like there must be tons of other templates and websites out there. Who knew?!?!

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  1. …and Music « pleasant and home - March 28, 2011

    […] The next night, we went an entirely different direction and listened to traditional Irish music from Lúnasa and Altan. The speaker introducing the bands described the combo as being like having The Beatles and The Rolling Stones both playing in the same place on the same night. Now, as a testament to just how little I know about music, I’m not really sure what to gather from that analogy other than that they’re both really good. And they both were, so I guess we can leave it at that. The crowd was a little different for this performance. My favorite audience member was a little boy who tapped along the entire time as his siblings tried to sleep. The only thing that could have made this concert better was a bartender serving up Guinness as if we were actually in Ireland. Maybe we’ll just have to go back to Doolin. […]

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