Paper Daisies

25 Apr

I saw these adorable paper daisies on Making it Lovely a little while ago and knew they’d be perfect to solve one of my ongoing design dilemmas. The furniture in our living room is positioned so that the couch and love seat are both angled against the corners. Looks great from a layout perspective but it left me with these big empty corners that I didn’t know what to do with. A sofa table and some lamps solved the problem behind one but I really didn’t know what to do with the other. The solution I most commonly came across was to to put a big plant back there but, given my not so green thumb and the fact that we’re currently using the area for storage of some smaller items, that didn’t seem to be a good one. I also bought the Photographer’s Tripod Lamp from Pottery Barn thinking that could go back there. Nope, not right. I already had the idea of hanging something back there but wasn’t sure about investing the money or the holes in my ceiling to do so for fear I wouldn’t like that either. And then came the paper daisies. So here’s the before and after of the empty and then lovely corner of our living room.



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