Trial and Error

3 Jul

When I first posted pictures of the master bathroom I mentioned that I wasn’t quite sure about the shower curtain I picked out. Well, we’ve now been through a few more (yes, actually purchased, brought home, thrown over the top of the bar, and then returned) and I think I’ve finally got it right. Here’s the two I tried out. 

First, this really cute one from Crate and Barrel (I’m pretty sure it’s no longer available in this color, though there is a more olive toned one) – 


A couple problems here. First, I realized after purchasing it that my best friend had recently registered for it. Oops. I was not trying to steal her bathroom look. But, with her permission (thanks, Tiff!), I proceeded to see if I would like it. It looked cute in the room but didn’t necessarily flow with our current bedding (the bathroom is attached to the master bedroom). After that I realized it also didn’t fit with the shelf liner I had used in the cabinet and drawers. I’m not sure why that hadn’t come to mind earlier (aka before I bought it) but I knew it wasn’t going to be the cohesive look I wanted so back to the store with that one.

The second one was from West Elm. It also appears to be no longer available online but the bath mat is. The shower curtain I got was the blue/white pattern only the colors were reversed – 

west elm pattern

Also very cute only the problem here was all the white. I tried to do a mix of white (because the square tiles in the shower had been given to me for free and you shouldn’t pass up free!) and tans in the room but this seemed to throw off the balance. More importantly, the graphic design didn’t seem to sit well with the His and Hers signs above the towels. And since I really like those, I figured this shower curtain wasn’t the right one either.

Before and After of what I finally decided on to come later!

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