Organizing leftover paint

11 Jul

Living in a condo that doesn’t have a ton of space means that I’m constantly trying to come up with creative solutions to store all of our stuff. We do have a small storage unit but it’s pretty packed with holiday decorations (which we don’t always use at this point but my grandma made a lot of them – I can’t get rid of those!), luggage (which we do use, so no debate here), and leftover paint (hmmm, do I really need so many mostly empty gallons of paint laying around?). As you can see, in my quest for making more out of less, I sort of got stuck on that last one. Having touch up paint certainly seems like a good idea but does it really have to be in a gallon size container? If you need a whole gallon that doesn’t exactly sound like a touch up. It sounds like re-painting. So, one day at the hardware store I found these smaller paint cans to store enough sufficient to cover touch ups in the future. It made my day.


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