Doily Luminaries

4 Aug

As I mentioned, in celebration of our second wedding anniversary, I thought I’d have some fun wedding related posts this week. Starting with the doily luminaries that most of my guests probably don’t even know about!

My mom, cousins, and I made 100 or so of the luminaries (see instructions below!) but it started drizzling about an hour before our reception and so the site coordinator was afraid to put very many of them out. Honestly, I was having the best day ever and could not have cared less. Plus, since they weren’t ruined in the rain, I can now use them on our little balcony and hopefully one day on a lovely walkway or patio of our own!


To make your own, get light colored paper bags (we used two different sizes of white bags) and use decorative scissors to make a pretty edge on the top. Next, get a variety of doilies and use scissors to trim or cut out the shapes you want. (The original instructions – which I believe was a Martha Stewart idea that then got passed along wedding message boards – said to use gold doilies but I had a hard time finding different patterns and sizes so also used white ones and found they worked just as well. You can always make one as a sample to make sure you like the results!) We used spray adhesive to adhere the doilies in patterns on the inside of the bag and then had glass votive candles to add weight to the inside. You may want to consider having sand or something else to fill the bottom of the bag to help it keep it’s shape, particularly if it’s windy.

2 Responses to “Doily Luminaries”

  1. Elaine Ellis August 7, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    These are so cute!!! I was trying to remember why I didn’t see them at your wedding.

    • Jackie August 9, 2009 at 9:04 am #

      I know. Kind of a bummer, huh? But what can you do?

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