At Home In: Athens and Naxos, Greece

6 Aug

For our honeymoon we decided to spend almost two weeks in Greece. While most of our time was spent on two different islands, we did fly into and out of Athens so got to spend a few days there as well. I don’t have any pictures from our actual hotel in Athens but I thought I’d share this fun mural from a house in the old section of town, as you walk through the neighborhood on your way down from the Acropolis. 



Next up was Naxos. We arrived on the island to find out that we had been bumped from our room. We were told that someone else must have called the hotel and either known the owners or offered a better price. I’m not entirely sure how that’s possible but, luckily, we had gone through a tour group so they had already rebooked us by the time we arrived. The new place ended up being closer to the beach but not quite as cute as where we were supposed to stay. And so, once again, no pictures taken of that one.

After only one night, our hotel drama continued, and we were transferred back to where we were supposed to be all along. (I’m pretty amazed I wasn’t more frustrated with this situation but I think we were both just happy to be married and on vacation!) We weren’t sure we wanted to move but were ultimately glad we did since it was nicer (and cuter) than the first. Only problem is, in the hustle and bustle of moving, I don’t have a good picture of that room either. Check out the key though. It cracks me up. I’m not a locksmith but I do have a really hard time believing the lock on the door was at all effective. 


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