At Home With: Elaine

2 Oct

Last weekend I went out to Colorado to visit one of my college roommates, Elaine. She’s probably having a heart attack right about now wondering what I’m going to say. She’s likely going to get even more nervous when she finds out that I was actually very careful to wait for (and take advantage of) the moment she left her apartment to take some pictures. I knew it was unlikely I’d get away with it if she was still there. Plus, my confidence in my skills as a “photographer” are greatly lacking so the less people watching the better. In a moment of self-assessment she said, “My life doesn’t seem as absurd when I don’t have to explain it out loud.” I can actually sympathize with her point as I know I’ve learned a lot about myself from being married and spending so much time with another person. But coming from her, with whatever she was trying to explain at that moment (perhaps about why her clock was a half an hour fast – not an hour because of daylight savings, not a few minutes to keep her on time, but a half an hour for some unknown reason), it made me laugh out loud. There are some things that are just, in the very best of ways, very Elaine. Or as we affectionately call her, Elainiac. So here are a few of her favorite things – books, her fancy bedding, fashion magazines and Macs, and don’t forget her very beloved Hey Buddy.




Thanks for being such an extremely thoughtful and generous friend and the most fantastic Colorado tour guide anyone could ever ask for!

One Response to “At Home With: Elaine”

  1. Elaine Ellis October 4, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    I heart you for not mentioning the other more absurd parts of my life. : )

    You are a fabulous guest, and you are ALWAYS welcome into the craziness I call home.

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