(Wish I Was) At Home In: Seychelles

5 Oct

My friend Tiffany recently returned from her honeymoon in Seychelles. (I thought I should provide a link to a map since I had no idea where it was before she told me. Actually, even since she told me I’ve had to look it up a few times to make sure I wasn’t screwing it up!) All of her pictures are amazing and I’m pretty sure I could live at the Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort and Spa where they stayed. I can’t decide which part is my favorite – 

The beautiful bed (decorated for their arrival)…

Hilton Seychelles - Bed


…the serene bathroom…

Hilton Seychelles - bathroom


…this chair where I could easily spend hours on end…

Hilton Seychelles - porch


…or the beach with the view back into the hilltops and the cute little villas nestled into them.

Hilton Seychelles - beach


Seriously adding this to my list of places to go. Thanks for letting me share your photos, Tiff!

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