Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

6 Oct

While I am certainly not leading the pack when it comes to environmentally friendly efforts, I’m trying to be more mindful of the impact I have on the planet and the small changes I can make in my daily life.

This past weekend’s efforts were on keeping waste out of our landfills – especially the kind of waste that someone else might actually want to use! I made my first offers on Freecycle and, just a few days later, an old light fixture and some drywall leftover from the bathroom remodels have been picked up. I also made $15 on last year’s Halloween costume after posting it on Craigslist and have several bags packed in my trunk and ready to donate to a local charity. It feels great to have these items out of our house and into the hands of someone who can use them! 

When it comes to energy savings, by now we all know that we should be using re-useable instead of plastic bags and replacing our old lights with more energy efficient ones. Another tip I recently read (and hadn’t heard before) was that you should try not to use your dishwasher’s heat drying function if you don’t need to. Since we generally run ours at night and don’t unload it until we get home from work we’re hoping this will be another habit we can build into our routine.

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