I can see clearly now…

13 Oct

The way I see it, home improvement generally falls into two categories – the kind that requires technical skill and the kind that (presuming nothing goes wrong) you just need to learn how to do. Something like tiling falls into the first category. Sure if I had the time and patience I could practice and get good at it. But those both happen to be hard to come by so probably better at this point to hire someone to help us out. Changing a light fixture, on the other hand, I have heard is really easy to do so long as you follow a few basic steps (starting with cutting off the power). And so this is how one day I convinced/guilted Pete into doing it for me.


The conversation went something like this:

Me – I’m nervous Tony (my mom’s boyfriend who is an electrician) won’t be able to get over here before the return date expires on this light fixture. Do you think you could try to install it?

Pete – I don’t like electricity. 

Me – I know. But it’s not supposed to be hard if you just google the instructions. Other people have figured it out. (For the record…this part apparently did not go over well so I recommend using sparingly. I wasn’t trying to be insulting. I think my husband is smart and therefore if other people can read directions and figure it out I believed he could too.)

Pete – (sighing) Fine. I’ll look at it. 

Me – You can tell me no. 

Pete – I tried. You didn’t seem to like that. 

Me – Oh. Well, I mean, if you really don’t want to don’t worry about it. 


I thought that was the end of it and was completely fine with that. But, not long later, Pete was changing the light fixture. I’m apparently very convincing when I want to be. In my defense, I was totally right. He was able to google instructions and easily make the switch. I try to tell him often how fantastic it is to have gone from a glass enclosed fixture to one with a whole lot more light. Especially since the lights can all be directed wherever we would like!

Buffet - with light!


Thanks, Pete! You’re the best!

P.S. Not sure why that one item on the wall looks crooked. I didn’t think it was but perhaps I should go check that now…

2 Responses to “I can see clearly now…”

  1. tiff October 13, 2009 at 9:50 pm #

    I like it! Way to go, Pete! We have a couple of blank electric box things in the condo, any chance he’d want to do it again?

  2. Pete October 14, 2009 at 12:49 pm #

    Haha. Apparently guilting me and appealing to my ego is the secret to my motivation. I’m glad I got it done because it looks great, works very well, and makes you happy. But, for the record, electiricity still scares me!

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