Sneaky Design

15 Oct

Most houses have at least a few characteristics or issues that are difficult to design around. A few of my issues were actually in my last post so I thought I’d share. Here’s the photo again that showed our new light fixture:

Buffet - with light!


First issue – addressing the lack of storage. Especially in the kitchen. As I’ve mentioned before, there is not a ton of space in our two bedroom condo so the buffet and wine bar in that picture were definitely part of the plan to increase our storage space. However, my love for serving dishes still extended beyond what we could fit. So, we constantly have serving pieces displayed throughout the house as well. The two tier dishes off to the right are filled with coffee beans and tea lights right now but those will soon get switched out for Christmas ornaments. 

Serving Dish - Coffee Beans


Second issue – covering up things I don’t want others to see. The ledges and artwork were specifically picked out to hide a few eyesores on the wall behind them. 

Cover that up!

The box on the left covers old telephone wires that don’t need to be accessed regularly. Off to the right, however, is our thermostat so we did need to be able to get to that. The ledges and propped artwork turned out to be perfect. I actually sketched my plan and measurements before heading out to the hardware store and IKEA to find all of the right pieces to make this work. I’ve heard covering your thermostat can cause it to misread the temperature but we haven’t had any problems with ours.

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