Weekend Organization

22 Nov

I had someone at work last week comment that I’m the most organized person he knows. He only thinks this because he’s only seen my office at work where I have a well developed system, and the space, to keep things so. I was never anywhere near this organized until after I graduated  from college. Unfortunately, this means that I have still not fully mastered the maintenance of my organization systems at home. I can create them, and I do, but somehow things always have the tendency to get away from me.

I told myself this weekend that I was not allowed to do any more projects until I got my filing systems under control. So I set out to purge what was no longer needed, switch everything to the color coded hanging files I had previously purchased (green for investments, blue for both of us, pink for me, and yellow for condo association), actually use the pretty file folders I also already had anywhere sub-folders were needed (again, blue for us and pink for me), and label things accordingly. Ahhhhhh. So much better.

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