Now that Thanksgiving is over…

27 Nov

I am normally one of those people who feels you should wait until one holiday is over before you move on to the next. But all of the Christmas decorations out in the stores were too much for me to resist this year. Especially when they’re all on sale! So here’s what’s been sitting around our house for the last few weeks, just waiting for Thanksgiving to be over.

Hopefully the “after” pictures will be coming soon.

4 Responses to “Now that Thanksgiving is over…”


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    […] my pre-Thanksgiving shopping, I found tubes of small ornaments in the dollar section of Target in these same colors. They were […]

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  3. Holiday Decorating Part III « pleasant and home - December 19, 2009

    […] Off on the other side of the buffet is a pine cone and ornament display, using the last of the decorating items (the string is still yet to be used – really need to get to wrapping those presents!!) from my pre-Thanksgiving shopping… […]

  4. ‘Tis the Season « pleasant and home - November 11, 2010

    […] This sort of goes against my own rules for celebrating one holiday before moving on to the next (which may actually be becoming my thing) but I already started buying Christmas presents this year. And, in one case, I even made and […]

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