Family Traditions

13 Dec

Each family has its own traditions. From Pete’s family, I’ve inherited the tradition of going to Christmas Eve mass followed by a nice dinner out in the city. It’s quiet and adult. From my family, he has inherited the tradition of anything-goes-the-more-the-merrier dinners hosted in rotating fashion amongst the family members. It’s loud and there are a lot of people, many of whom are kids. I love both of these versions of the holiday. And I also love the other little Christmas traditions that we’ve started between just the two of us.

Pete always had a real tree growing up. I always had a fake tree. Eventually it was even one of the ones that came with lights attached. This seems like so much less work to me than every year getting a tree, getting it inside, and putting on lights. Plus we only have one car and it’s a two door Civic. That does not seem like a good match for transporting a 6′ Christmas tree. So, as you probably guessed, as our first Christmas in our condo approached, we had the real vs fake debate. It didn’t last very long because as I was making my argument I also quickly realized that we have absolutely nowhere to store a fake tree right now. OK then. Real tree it is.

Luckily, the transportation issue was solved when we discovered a tree lot set up across the park from us. The only thing is, this is not your average swing set and a slide park. It’s actually a whole big block of park. Though not quite over the river and through the woods, it still cracks me up every time we carry our new Christmas tree home. And I will admit, I love the way the real tree makes our house smell.

One of our other traditions also started our first Christmas together. Due to other expenses that year, we put a $10 cap on our presents to each other. Needing to get creative, I found a glass ornament that opens up for my gift to him. Inside, we put notes we write to each other to be opened up the following Christmas morning. It’s hanging on our tree now and the anticipation of opening it makes me feel like a little kid again!

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