Holiday Decorating Part I

14 Dec

We bought this tree skirt on sale after Christmas last year. It helped to finally give some direction to my holiday decorating since I couldn’t quite decide on a color theme, especially one that actually fit in with the other colors in our house, before that. Now I can basically use whatever color I want and it still works. Including pink. Love it.

In my pre-Thanksgiving shopping, I found tubes of small ornaments in the dollar section of Target in these same colors. They were actually $2.50 a piece but I splurged on some anyway. We were also at a resale shop recently where I found some bright pink glass ornaments. I like to think they bring a bit of cohesion to our tree full of ornaments we’ve both collected since we were born.

We put our tree in a different spot this year so it’s now in front of 4 mirrors we have hung on the wall. I love the way all the lights reflect off of them at night.

The presents under the tree are still missing. The shopping is almost all done so now I just have to get to wrapping!

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