Holiday Decorating Part II

18 Dec

Included in the bag from my pre-Thanksgiving shopping were a few items to spruce up (no pun intended) our outdoor planter box. I’m really not good with plants so there was no reason to even pretend to attempt something real here. Instead, I bought three branches (with the pine cones already attached) from the floral section at Hobby Lobby plus two sprigs of the sparkly things. Everything was already half off so the total cost was only about $15.

I set up the branches the way I wanted them on the floor inside (it’s cold in Chicago!!) and cut the sparkly beads off of their stems so I could individually twist them around the branches. Once everything was ready to go I just took it outside and pushed the branch stems into the dirt I still had in the planter. I realize real gardeners might not still have dirt in their planters but I do so I may as well use it, right?

Even though you can see the fake wires in the detail shots, it’s not as unsightly when you’re a little farther away. Meaning inside, where it’s warm. Given that we’re surrounded by the more barren landscape of winter, it’s nice to still have something pretty to look at right outside on our balcony. Plus, I consider these to technically be winter decorations which means they can stay till long after the holidays. Hopefully not too long though. I’m doing pretty well with the cold weather thus far but that usually doesn’t last much past Christmas.

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