Menu and Grocery Planner

10 Apr

In our house, Pete does most of the cooking. This started as a practical arrangement since he is almost always home from work before I am. He is not the kind of cook, though, who just opens the fridge and decides what to make. He likes a recipe to follow. And he does not like going to the grocery store because “you keep running into the same annoying people aisle after aisle.” Though I get his point, this is quite hilarious to me as he is the kindest and most patient person I know. Regardless, if he doesn’t want to go to the grocery store but will cook during the week, I think we can plan accordingly.

I found some excel templates for menu and grocery planners. I updated them to meet our needs and organized the grocery list to match the way our grocery store is set up. They were functional. But then I saw Kate’s grocery planner which was not only practical but also super cute as well. I was sold and decided ours needed a facelift and cute clipboard as well.

So much better. The instructions are included in the link above and it really was quite easy despite my difficulties with adhesives (seriously, how do my hands always end up so sticky?!?). If anyone likes the idea of the clipboard but not necessarily the meal/grocery planning, I also saw this idea right around the same time for using them as a rotating art display. Very fun.

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