New Year, New Desktop Calendar, Old Goals

2 Jan

One of my favorite things about the new year is picking out a new desktop calendar. My first loves were the letterpress calendars from Paper Source (which are too pretty to throw away so I have them saved and use them as gift tags when possible) but the last two I’ve picked have been from photographers on Etsy. Here’s what I chose to inspire me in 2011! It’s infinitely nicer to look at than the invoices and spreadsheets that otherwise cover my desk.

{Image courtesy of Bomobob}


Oh, and how did I do on my 2010 goals, you may wonder? Pretty miserably, if I do say so myself. However, I made a gigantic step forward in September by taking on a different kind of job than the corporate accounting and financial reporting roles I had previously. Although the past few months have been very hectic as I learned the new role, I remain hopeful that it will allow me the time and energy to think more clearly in 2011 and continue to move forward with the life I want to live. So here’s to 2011!

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