A few of my favorite things – Part III

7 Jan

Lauren and I were talking before the holidays and she told me how she likes to get people together in the weeks before Christmas to check out the decorations put up at various hotels and restaurants. Thinking this was a great idea (and since she is in London), I stole it and renamed it Friday Night Holiday Lights. Of course, with our schedule in December, we only actually made it to two different hotels but I’m hoping to make it a tradition and check out a few more next year!¬†Before I get any further, let me apologize for taking all the photos below on my phone. They’re not the best but I think you’ll get the idea.

We picked the Palmer House Hilton for our first week because it’s a classic in Chicago and their decorations did not disappoint. The Christmas trees were all beautiful.

However, my personal favorite were these branches with the clear ornaments hanging from them. So pretty! Of course, considering that I have something very similar (though on a much smaller scale!) in my own house, I might be a little biased on this one.


Our second week we decided to go to the new JW Marriott, thinking it would be a fun and modern contrast to the traditional style of the Palmer House the week before. The hotel had just opened a week or two before and the space itself was lovely. However, there weren’t any Christmas decorations in the entire lobby bar! The restaurant bar had some garland but it didn’t seem exciting enough to take a photo of. I’ll have to keep on eye on this place next year to see if things change.


Despite my attempts above, I think my favorite decorations of the year were actually at our church! The advent wreath was made of birch bases and evergreens in an upward spiral. And this beautiful wreath suspended from the ceiling was stunning.


The last of the holiday posts is scheduled for later today and then we can move on from Christmas – promise!

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