A few of my favorite things – Part IV

7 Jan

I got home early the day before Thanksgiving, poured a glass of champagne (getting out of work early is something I believe should always be celebrated), and started my Etsy holiday shopping. I’d say I got about 75% of my gifts from Etsy this year by making sure to plan and shop early. (Another 10% of our gifts were activities of some kind – tickets to a concerts, wine tasting classes – we love stuff like that!)

Here are my favorites from what I purchased this holiday season –

I love the links in the chain!

{Image courtesy of Piano Bench Designs}


It came in a pretty red box so to wrap it I just added the strip of paper, label, and string. Easy!



You’re able to customize the color of the bracelet so the one I ordered was blue instead. So simple and pretty.

I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture but this one also came beautifully packaged!

{Image courtesy of Linda Trent Jewelry}


The large snowflake is custom engraved and you have lots of design choices for which snowflakes you’d like.

{Image courtesy of Timber Green Woods}

This was another one that was already wrapped for me – I just had to add the tag. Nice!



One for you (in silver), one for me (in gold). The store was having a buy one get one half off sale. How could I resist?

{Image courtesy of Dear You Shop}

This was my favorite wrapping. It was so pretty I didn’t even open it. I just added the stickers on the bottom right as a tag.



These two guys were for my brother who played A LOT of Super Mario Brothers growing up. They make me laugh every time I see them. I think my brother likes them just as much though because he took them out with him that night and posted of a photo of them with his friends. Ha!

{Images courtesy of Nerd Jerk}



I love these cufflinks and have had my eye on them for quite a while. They were given to a scuba diver who loves sharks and cufflinks. Could it be any more fitting?

{Image courtesy of Dedalo}



Not to disappoint the people who were receiving tickets or gift cards (as mentioned at the beginning of this post), I found cute little buckets in the $1 section at Target and made gift tags for them –



And last, but not least, I found these dessert plates at Goodwill and needed a reason to buy them. I decided they’d go great with the gold my mom likes to use in her table settings and bought all 6 for just $4.

The next stop was to Paper Source for a round box and paper to wrap them in. Pretty sure that cost more than the plates, but who’s counting, really?

I thought I was just going to cover the top of the box because  the scalloped edges seemed difficult to work with. But, in a moment of bravery, I decided to apply a strip to the edge as well. I then used an X-acto knife to cute away the excess on each rounded part and it really wasn’t too hard.

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  1. Bridgette January 10, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    Thanks so much for commenting and visiting over at my blog. I’m glad I can now visit you! :)

    And BTW, I will totally burn you (and mail) a copy next year of the Amy Grant Christmas Album! :)

    I’ll be back soon to visit.

    Until then,

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