30 Before 30: Item Number 3

1 Feb

I get to cross another item off of my 30 Before 30 list! Item number 3 – Enter at least one photo “contest.”

Last week’s PW Photography Assignment was Flowers. I love flowers. I take a lot of pictures of flowers. Seemed like a good place to start. Truthfully though, I had a little bit of an internal debate about whether this one should count or whether I should keep it on the list to force myself to do another one. It almost seemed too easy and, more importantly, I know the photos submitted aren’t exactly perfect. When I wrote this on my list it was more because I’d really love to have one GREAT image this year that I’d be happy to submit somewhere. However, I concluded that winning wasn’t actually the point and at this stage the small act of just putting myself out there (and realizing terrible things don’t happen) is really where I need to be. So I did it and I’m counting it!

(As a sidenote, even though the images were submitted through Flickr, I’m not going to cross that one off of my list yet because I didn’t upload with any kind of plan in mind for what I’m doing. So I’ll get to that one later.)

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