I want a clothesline

11 Apr

I love cleaning the house when it’s beautiful and sunny outside and I can have all the windows open. That’s probably a bit strange since most people would prefer to be outside when it’s nice out. But I’m pale and burn easily and the cleaning has to get done anyway. I’d rather it be nice out than not nice out.

I also love clotheslines. I must have been born in the wrong decade (same could be said of my love for round-toed shoes and 50’s style dresses). Or state (I mean, how often is the weather agreeable for this). Or country (helloooooo Europe).  We actually had one at the house my parents lived in while I was in college though and I loved doing my laundry in the summer and hanging my clothes outside to dry. Of course, this might have actually only happened two or three times because I was always in a hurry. But I think that’s why there’s something so simple and lovely about the idea of using one less machine. When I think of hanging laundry outside to dry, it’s in a very backyard-of-a-beautiful-farmhouse kind of way. This picture from New York a few years ago doesn’t quite match the image in my head, but I like the urban version too. It’s a little closer to my own reality.

As I was trying to get some spring cleaning done a few weekends ago, I washed all of my re-usable bags and hung them outside on my own makeshift clothesline. Balcony railings and binder clips aren’t exactly acceptable alternatives for my clothes but they did the trick for these. And the sun was shining and things were being cleaned so I was happy.

Maybe I’ll see if I can find a small clothesline to put out there this summer. My fancy Oak Park neighbors might not like it but I bet my tree-hugging neighbors would approve!

2 Responses to “I want a clothesline”

  1. Lauren April 15, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

    I disapprove. After having actually lived in Europe and not actually had the ability to dry clothes any way except hang drying, I will tell you that it’s a sucky way to live. Although you’re not talking about getting RID of your machine…just trying not to use it when conducive. However I still disagree with this idea. Haha. I can’t wait to have a real, working, wonderfully fluffy clothes dryer again!!! ooooohhhhh :-) :-) :-)

    • pleasantandhome April 15, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Aw, now come on LOB. Just because it’s not *your* preferred way of living doesn’t mean it’s bad. ;)

      But you are right. I didn’t say I was giving up the dryer all together. Just that I would like the alternative of a clothesline too.

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