Beth & Steve’s Shower – Planning

4 Jul

When I started thinking about planning Beth & Steve’s shower the first thing I considered was how I wanted it to look. I understand this isn’t the most critical component of a party (we all know that so long as you feed people well and give them good drinks they’re almost guaranteed to go home happy) but it is the part I like planning best.

Beth studied and worked in France so I wanted to somehow incorporate that into the day. Never mind that I’ve never actually been to France myself. (I probably should have planned a scouting trip – is it too late to go back and do it now?!) My interpretation of a French party was partly inspired by this photo from an Aussie online magazine and website called StyleGuide.

I don’t know why it says French to me but it does. Maybe because I wanted it to. Regardless, I liked the idea of the kraft paper and plasticware mixed with the floral tablecloth to create a thrown-together casual but pretty look.

I had already been thinking of using an orange and turquoise color scheme and had an idea that required finding some fabric. I decided getting the right fabric would be the hardest part so I started by looking for that first. I found a beautiful pattern in the right colors in the clearance bin at the first store I checked. Hooray! It was a little more graphic than the floral one above but I figured I wasn’t going to find anything better for that price!

As I mentioned in my post about the invites, getting the fabric helped me finalize the colors and start moving forward with all the plans. Here’s what my “mood board” looked like once I started making a few decisions and purchases.

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