Beth & Steve’s Shower – Decorations

5 Jul

As I said, this is my favorite (albeit totally unnecessary) part of parties. The Chicago weather was not super cooperative the day of the party, which threw some things off, but I was pretty happy with how things turned out. The original plan was to have more of the party on the grass instead of the deck but I’m just happy we were able to be outside. I would have also liked a little more set-up time outside (it was drizzling most of the morning pushing back the timeline more  than I would have preferred) but, again, I’ll just be happy we were outside at all.

The decorating mostly focused on two things. Martha Stewart poms in the trees. And the tables. A few other little things were added along the way as time and materials permitted.

The poms really are easy to make so I don’t have much more to say about them than is written in the directions linked above. I will, however, say that when I rounded the ends it was not as pretty of a process as their pictures would have you believe. I still got the job done though and I think that’s all that matters.

I made the “gift” bulletin board above out of leftover fabric (which you’ll still see later…) and some ribbon. Since Beth and Steve were traveling from out-of-town I offered some of the guests (the ones I knew well enough to know they would not be offended!) the option of wrapping a picture of the gift to open and display at the shower while shipping the actual gift directly to the end destination. I think the plan worked out pretty well as they were able to fit everything they had to bring back in their suitcases and carry-ons. Yay!

The white box with pictures in the bottom left hand corner of the same photo is actually the card box we used at our shower and wedding. My grandparents made it for us out of 4 8×10 picture frames and a lazy susan. I love being able to re-use it! Maybe Beth gets some credit on the “something borrowed” for that one.

My very favorite thing, however, was the tables. I wanted an eclectic mix of jars and containers with just a few blooms in each to go down the center of each table. I actually have a lot of jars and vases (just one of the many things I collect – or is it hoard?) but then also saved any more that I came across in the couple of months before the shower. I had extra wrapping paper from the envelope liners for the invitations so used that to make table runners for each. I knew this all worked in my head but was happy when it worked in real life too. (Does anyone else ever have that problem where somehow things don’t translate well between the two?! I do all the time!)

The flowers are orange carnations which I ordered in bulk online from Sam’s Club. I was originally hoping to go with something like ranunculus (because I love them) but ultimately decided I didn’t want to go lower on the quantity of the flowers or increase my flower budget enough to get them. I just made sure to get the large carnations and not the mini ones so that they’d have the bigger blooms and bunch together nicely. I was also pretty nervous about getting them in orange and nearly went with white. I’m really happy I took the risk though instead of playing it safe and boring!

The napkin rings are mini-Martha poms. I’d put these in the cute but probably not worth it category, to be completely honest. The idea was that they’d add some more color to the rest of the table. Which they do. They’re just time-consuming to make. I was very happy to see Kristy re-purpose hers later on as a corsage. ;)

Here’s one more pictures for this post, just because it’s a favorite!

Many many thanks to my Mom, Pete, and Elaine (who knew she is a master flower arranger?) for helping me with the day-of prep. You’re all the best!

2 Responses to “Beth & Steve’s Shower – Decorations”

  1. tiffany July 11, 2011 at 10:19 pm #

    i love love love your flower arrangements. i was showing someone the pics from fb and she thought they were peonies at first. so i think this was a very good alternative indeed!

    • pleasantandhome July 18, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

      Thanks, Tiff! Now if only I could figure out how to arrange full bouquets. Maybe one day. :)

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