Beth & Steve’s Shower – Photo Booth

20 Jul

Last, but not least, you may still be wondering about the sneak peek from Beth and Steve’s shower that I posted a little while ago. Well, I kept finding cute photo booth ideas back when we were planning our wedding (a long long time ago!) but decided against it from a logistical standpoint. Still, I kept the idea in the back of my mind (or maybe the front of my mind considering how popular they still are) and figured this would be the perfect time to make it happen.

My original plan was to hang fabric on a clothesline (remember how much I said I love them?) but it turned out my mom (whose backyard I was borrowing) had actually taken hers down. Since I’m not exactly a carpenter, my next idea was that I could somehow re-purpose a standing garment rack (like this one) to make this work. My Mom offered instead that we could nail posts into her deck railing (have I mentioned how nice my Mom is?) which made the set up really simple.

I bought two curtain rods, curtain rings with clips, and my inspiration fabrics and I was pretty much done. The curtain rod fixtures were screwed into posts and then nailed to the railings so they were about 7 feet high. I had cut my fabric to just a little bit longer than that so they’d pool at the bottom. I considered hemming the ends and sides with hem tape (I can’t actually sew…) but skipped it in the end. I don’t think anyone knew the difference and it saved a ton of time. I asked our friend Kristy to bring the props because I knew that what she owned would be far better than anything I could ever find. And, let me just say, she did not disappoint.

Here’s what our “booth” looked like from afar –

And here are just a few of my favorite photos –

Thanks, Beth and Steve, for letting me host here in Chicago! I hope you had at least half as much fun as I did. ;)



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