Home is where the heart is

27 Aug

My awesome sister in-law, Liz, moved to D.C. last week to start grad school. When Pete and I started dating Liz was just graduating from high school. She has come a long way since then but, even at 18, she managed to be one of the smartest and most thoughtful women I know. I’m really excited for her as she starts her program and explores her new city. I think both will be very good for her, in many many ways. However, if I’m perfectly honest, I’m also very selfishly sad to see her go. We both grew up with only brothers (she has two older, I have one younger – her age, actually) so when Pete and I got married it was a bonus to us both that we finally had a sister.

As we wished her goodbye, Pete and I wanted to get her something to remind her that, no matter where she is, she’s always in our hearts here at home. (Actually, to put it more accurately, Pete probably wanted to *get* her something. I wanted to *make* her something.) I’m sure you’ve noticed the map trend and this seemed like the perfect time to jump on-board. I actually love maps from both a practical standpoint (Liz and I are both a bit directionally challenged though I think she’s spent the last few years getting better about directions while I’ve gotten worse) and more of a romantic point of view. It’s nice to look at them and think of the places I’ve been and the places I still want to go.

I kept things simple with this project. I mean, really simple. (If you liked Tiffany’s birthday present but want to try an easier project first, this would be the way to go!) Black IKEA frame, map of Illinois cut to size, two hole-punched hearts, and a little bit of glue. That’s it!

The hardest part was figuring out where to put the hearts. Just the one by Chicago seemed too boring. It would have been perfect if I could have gotten Oak Park (where we live) to fit in but we’re just to the west of where the frame ends. I could have moved the map over and squished it in but the composition felt off. So, I decided on the last place that Liz lived in the city (and loved.) She knows that if Oak Park and Naperville were in the frame those would have hearts too.

Liz, we’re so proud of you for following your heart and your dreams into this next adventure of your life. We already miss you but know great things are in store. Love you!

One Response to “Home is where the heart is”

  1. Kris & Chris {His Mrs. Her Mr.} September 8, 2011 at 9:44 am #

    Such a sweet idea!

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