30 Before 30: Make pasta sauce

25 Sep

First, let me apologize for another post without real pictures. I took some…and then I apparently deleted them off of my memory card without actually uploading them to the computer. Not good. Remember what I just said about how I hate losing things? Yeah. I think maybe I need to slow down a little. Sigh. Does life just magically slow down when you turn 30? That would certainly be awesome because I’m not sure how to make it happen on my own!

So then, back to what I’m trying to post about – pasta sauce! A few weeks ago I set out to make my own from scratch. It’s not that I don’t like jarred pasta sauce, I actually think they’re fine, but I thought this would be a good place to get away from processed foods. Plus, my Nana is 100% Italian. Somewhere in me there must be some cooking genes! Rumor is her sauce has all kind of crazy ingredients that I probably wouldn’t know what to do with (particularly the meat related items) so I looked up something a little simpler and decided on this one. You can’t get any more basic than a recipe called “Homemade Tomato Sauce I.”

I followed the directions as written but my sauce was a little thicker and more “garden vegetable” looking than the picture there shows. Overall, I’d say it was good though. My only real issue was with peeling and seeding the tomatoes. It wasn’t necessarily hard but it definitely took forever. The recipe says the prep time is 30 minutes. Now, I’m not sure what super cooks those times are always based on, but just the tomato part took me an hour. Luckily, Pete helped out by chopping the rest of the vegetables. I think if I were to make this again (and I probably will) I’d have to cheat a little and start with canned tomatoes instead. What I did like was that we had enough for dinner, lunch, and another serving to freeze for later.

For an easier every-day kind of meal, I started making roasted tomatoes a little while ago and actually think I like them better than pasta sauce most of the time. I think that recipe calls for roma tomatoes but you can also make it with cherry tomatoes instead. And you can also dress them up different ways depending on what seasoning you have (I usually do Italian but sometimes add in a little bit of red pepper flakes for heat.) So much yumminess.


One Response to “30 Before 30: Make pasta sauce”

  1. Pete September 27, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    Since there aren’t any pictures, I can vouch for this pasta sauce. It looked delicious and tasted even better!! Yum.

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