30 Before 30: A few more completed

16 Oct

All right. I’m running out of time before my birthday to complete any more items on my 30 Before 30 list! Here are a few more though that I can cross off:

Item 2: Start using Flickr to post AND get feedback on photos.

I might be cheating a bit on this one but technically I did start using Flickr. You can find me here. I tried joining a group with a weekly assignment based on a color thinking it would get me to post regularly. After a few weeks, however, I wasn’t feeling like I was getting the right kind of constructive feedback I’m looking for (and miss from my intro class.) So, I stopped.

But I have looked into local Meetup Groups and the Oak Park Photography Club as other options for getting the community/feedback that I’d like. I haven’t been able to make sessions for either just yet but now that I’m through a busy time at work, I’ll definitely be going to one soon. Therefore, A for effort, and I’m crossing this one off the list!

Item 8: Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner.

No pictures. Just confirmation. I did it. And my girlfriends even asked about it (I’m not really the girl who is generally up on makeup techniques…) and said it looked good. My cat eye is a little less dramatic than I’d ideally like. I feel like that look should work on me but since I’m so timid about applying a lot of makeup I can’t really do it right. Maybe eventually I’ll get that part figured out. (Amber, if you’re reading, I might be looking to you for some help on that one!)

Item 21: Organize all of my magazine cut-outs.

So, sometimes (/often) I hoard things. Magazine cut-outs are one of them (boxes, shopping bags, cards/stationary, and ribbons are a few others that come quickly to mind.) It’s a little absurd. But let’s remember that I’m a planner. So when I see things I like, even if they’re in no way applicable to my life right now, I might want to save them. That way, one day if, for example, I move into a house with wood trim throughout (instead of white) I’ll have an idea of what paint colors would look good in it. (In my defense, this isn’t an entirely unreasonable scenario since I love old bungalows.)

The good news is, now that Pinterest is here, I can save a lot of things virtually. The bad news is, I still had years (literally, years) worth of things already cut out or magazines waiting for me to go through. I finally organized them all into one pretty binder with clear plastic page holders and tab dividers. The end result looks like this:

The process looked more like this (and almost made me cry because I felt a little crazy sitting there with all the papers everywhere):

Oh. My. I’m glad that is done. Of course, now I have to keep up with it or just move the things online. But once I have a process I’m usually a little better at sticking to it. Let’s hope so at least!

Pete was actually so inspired by the progress that he also made a few binders for all the recipe cut-outs. Oh yeah. I save those all too…

4 Responses to “30 Before 30: A few more completed”

  1. Kris & Chris October 21, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    Love this!! Do you know I still don’t know how to apply pencil eyeliner let alone the liquid kind. If my mom is around I ask her to help me otherwise I put in on the inside (hard to explain)? Also love that you have magazine cutouts. I like having some things on paper as opposed to digital :)

    • pleasantandhome October 21, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

      I agree on the paper things! I’m trying to switch to digital lists right now (so I don’t lose things) but my compromise is that I can make a short daily or weekend list on paper still (from the larger list.) Haha. Whatever it takes….

  2. Kris & Chris October 21, 2011 at 1:31 am #

    By the way your photos are lovely!!! The peonies are my fav!!

    • pleasantandhome October 21, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

      Thanks! I love peonies in general! :)

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