Birthday Surprise

20 Nov

All right. That last post was a little sad and dramatic. Not my usual style. So, let’s move on to some of the other fun stuff I’ve done lately, shall we?

I am not the only October birthday around here. My Mom (see her 50th birthday party invite here!), Mother-in-law, and Sister-in-law all also have October birthdays. I also wasn’t the only one with a milestone birthday this year. My Mother-in-law turned 60!

To celebrate, we decided to surprise her by getting her family and closest friends together for a private cooking class at Flavour Cooking School. The nice thing about that option, aside from being something fun and a little different than just a regular meal, was that there was very little for us to do! Denise, the wonderful owner of Flavour, took care of everything for us.

The one thing I offered to do though was take care of the invitations. Now, invitations weren’t entirely necessarily. There were only 13 of us total and everyone either was or could have been told by phone. But for as casual as I am about most things in life, I think special occasions are always a good excuse for a little bit of tradition and formality.

Given how busy I knew October was going to be, I very strongly considered just buying invitations instead of making them, like I would normally want to do. I absolutely loved this one from Inviting Company. Unfortunately, for how few we needed, it was going to be pretty pricey per piece. 

I found the next one on Etsy in the Silver Light Photo shop. You probably know by now how much I love buying things from Etsy and the price was definitely right. I was *this* close to purchasing but decided the style was just a little too casual for what I wanted. 

So, despite my original intentions, I decided I’d probably just be better off trying to make something. I googled for some clipart of vintage silverware and came across The Graphics Fairy. Here’s the finished product after some formatting in Word (I don’t have Photoshop still…really need to do that soon…), printing on white card stock, and gluing on pretty fall colored card stock (they were each different.)

Exactly what I wanted, easy, and free (since I already had plenty of card stock on hand.) Perfect.

One Response to “Birthday Surprise”

  1. Krishann November 23, 2011 at 9:13 am #

    The invitations turned out beautifully!! October sounded like such a busy month and yet you still were able to make something special. Quick open up an Etsy shop!! Really you did a lovely job and think it was great that you included them as they do make events feel more special. These days I have been using Paperless Post a lot but nothing compares to holding an actual piece of mail in your hand.

    I also adore the fact that you went to a cooking class. That sounds like so much fun. Which brings me to my next thought – for some reason I keep thinking of your post on ham. I’m not a big ham person but it does make an annal appearance at our Thanksgiving dinners (I don’t cook it though). I’m looking forward to hearing about any special recipes you make for the holiday because you are always finding such great ones.

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