30 Before* 30: Paint the second bedroom

29 Jan

When we bought our condo almost 6 years ago one of the first things I decided to do was paint the second bedroom pink. Amazing that Pete let me, isn’t it? He likes me. Or I tricked him by picking a bright raspberry instead of the paler pinks I’m normally drawn to. I don’t remember when we actually painted it (it might not have been until after our wedding the next year) but somehow it over-stayed its welcome. Eventually, I came to hate it. REALLY hate it. I wanted something calmer and more sophisticated. Something that went better with the rest of our small condo and coordinated with the guest bathroom towels. (Pete didn’t think I was serious about that, but I am.)

Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances kept us from re-painting for a while and I just grew to hate it more. So much so that once we were finally ready to paint, I didn’t even take before pictures. This room is used for guests, our office, storage, and as a “staging area” for other projects. It is hardly ever in a finished enough state to be photo ready and I just wasn’t going to take the time to get it there when I could start painting instead. So, all you get is this one that I posted a little bit ago when we were trying to choose the new color.

We actually finished the painting back in November. Only, once we did that, I really wanted to update the bedding. The bed sits next to a window and the black and white damask one faded from the sun. Here’s the bedding we almost had:

  Source: potterybarn.com via Jackie on Pinterest

I thought the colors would be fun. However, the design actually has random wording throughout it – the color names perhaps? – that I didn’t like very much. Something about the colors didn’t feel right. And, even at the sale price, I wasn’t going to keep it around if I didn’t absolutely love it.

Back to the drawing board. And I’m so glad we did. We decided on a much less expensive duvet cover from IKEA (that I can’t find online) in white and two shades of grey. Pete was a little worried it would be too boring but I promised we’d find the right throw pillow. And we did.

The rest of the room is still not done (see totally blank wall above) and totally disheveled as we start prepping for a BIG project (more to come soon!) but Lauren’s been asking for pictures for a while so I figured I better get something posted now or it’s not likely to happen! All the while I was taking the photo, I just kept thinking of this:

 Source: handmaderyangosling.tumblr.com via Jackie on Pinterest

Thanks for the encouragement, Ryan. That’s so sweet of you to say. Maybe next time I won’t tell them the truth.

*Or “While”, if we’re being technical about the fact that I turned 30 last October without finishing everything on my 30 Before 30 list.

2 Responses to “30 Before* 30: Paint the second bedroom”

  1. Keeping it Real In Chicago January 30, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    You know I am feeling that color (although I must say I still did like the pink)! Good work on the paint job, Ryan and I are both proud of you. :)

    • pleasantandhome January 30, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

      Have you seen it in person yet? I can’t remember the last time you were over!

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