{Kitchen Reno} What’s wrong with this picture?

11 Mar

Hello! Still here. Still waiting for the last two panels from the cabinet maker to arrive.

I had a feeling this would take a while (the cabinets originally took 5 weeks to come in) so I wish the guy would have just said that instead of suggesting he could get them done pretty quickly. Oh well. Almost there. I’m just ready for everything (including the re-organizing and re-decorating which is coming along slowly but surely) to be done!

But, while we wait, I thought we could play a game called “What’s wrong with this picture?” (As a bonus, it gives you a good sneak peak of the cabinets and hardware!)

Now, you have to ignore the fact that there’s no countertop, sink, faucet or backsplash. I wasn’t expecting any of those. And I should clarify that by “wrong” I mean something that is completely a personal preference. But is anyone else with me on not putting a knob (or in this case, pull) underneath the sink when that’s not a drawer? Ugh. I know in the grand scheme of life it is not a big deal but it made me want to cry. I swear I’m not usually so dramatic but with so much planning and money going into the project I just want it to look exactly how I pictured in my head. To me, that is not a functional drawer so it doesn’t get any hardware.

In my defense (because I bet I sound a little crazy here), I was very laid back and understanding of the construction related adjustments they had to make based on what was in the walls/ceilings/etc. And, in the contractor’s defense, he was extremely apologetic, made arrangements to fix it (it’s one of the panels we’re waiting for), and asked what I wanted on every other detail. (Ironically, on every other detail we were in agreement or I took his lead if I wasn’t sure.)

So, all’s well that ends well in my book. I just can’t wait for it to be gone. :)

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