Pregnancy Journal: Sharing Our News

25 Jun

Once we were ready to share our news, we tried to do so in person and in a fun, creative way whenever possible. I waited a long time for this. It’s only fair that I have a little fun with it! ;)

We had invited two different groups of friends over the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day – under the guise of checking out our new kitchen – and put this banner up in the living room.

We didn’t say anything and just waited for our friends to see it. The reactions from both groups were pretty funny. My ratio of getting kissed to smacked on the arm for not saying something sooner, however, was 1:1. Ha!

We shared the news with my extended family at Easter by making little Easter eggs with a little note inside each one.

I think my favorite, however, was the picture we took for the blog and Facebook. I don’t normally like to be photographed (though I’ve promised myself to be in more photos during my pregnancy – it’s not something that happens all the time!) so trying to use the wireless remote to take a picture with me in it was pretty comical. But we both had a lot of fun doing it. Maybe I love it because we took the photo on the first Mother’s Day I could celebrate as a mom. Regardless, if I could have gotten the photo together sooner, I might just have shared with everyone that way.

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