Pregnancy Journal: Symptoms and Cravings

3 Aug

I mentioned before that I’ve been extremely lucky to have a pretty easy pregnancy so far (I keep hoping that repeating this will not jinx me!) Most notably, I haven’t had any morning sickness  or even food aversions (except for breakfast-type eggs, which I never eat much of anyway) which I am very very grateful for. In fact, my relationship with food has been just the opposite. I feel like I’m constantly hungry despite also feeling like I’m constantly eating. The good news is, I’m used to eating small meals and snacks throughout the day. The bad news is, I still have to eat those meals and snacks more often (and starting earlier in the day) than usual and if I don’t it results in dizziness and/or overall not good feelings.

The dizziness (which was especially bad up until Week 14 or so but I luckily haven’t had since then) is my least favorite pregnancy symptom. It tended to occur most frequently on my morning commute to work. Awesome. I’ve also had lower back pain, sometimes the sharp shooting kind, since about Week 6. I thought I just slept on it funny at first – I was so early in my pregnancy it’s not like there was added weight to cause pain. Oh no, my friends. That would be the pregnancy hormones kicking in and relaxing all kinds of things in my body. Fairly fascinating, no? I was worried this could mean bad things for my back once I actually had a big belly but at Week 29 (holy cow – how did that happen so quickly?!) I’m actually doing great.

Also in the column of please, God, do not let this become a frequent thing is heartburn. OMG is that painful and unpleasant. I was near tears from the pure shock of it all. For future reference, in case anyone needs it, a quick Google search indicated yogurt can actually be used as a natural remedy. I’m not sure if it really worked or if my pain had just run its course, but a tablespoon full did seem to do the trick. I’m not opposed to taking OTC medication if this is a reoccurring thing, I just didn’t know what I was allowed to take since I hadn’t discussed with my doc yet.

And another super funny thing? Leg cramps. They’ve only happened a few times but I wake up in a kind of shock/panic that I don’t understand at first. And then I realize my leg is completely cramped. They’ve gone away quickly so it’s really not that bad but what a weird thing for your body to do.

One of the questions I get asked most often is whether I have any cravings. I wouldn’t say there’s any one particular thing that I crave but instead (especially in my first trimester) it might change from week to week. Sometimes I’ll need to eat oranges and then the next week it’s watermelon. For the most part I think of it as my body just making sure it gets the nutrients it needs. Now, where that can’t necessarily be applied is to my current love of sweets. I’ve always liked dessert but I’m usually too full by the end of a meal to each much more than a few bites of someone else’s treats. My oh my how that has changed. Let’s just say I opened our freezer one day to see this and was very very happy. :)

2 Responses to “Pregnancy Journal: Symptoms and Cravings”

  1. tiffany August 10, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

    OMG that is so so very funny. i’ve never known you to be the first one to request dessert (that’s always me!). it’s nice to know that the next time we go out to dinner together, i won’t be alone in my enthusiasm when the servers asks about dessert =)
    i also really appreciate that you need to have 4 different flavors of ice cream all at once in your freezer. pete should tell andy these hints for the future!

    • pleasantandhome August 11, 2012 at 10:21 am #

      Usually there’s no more than two at a time. Apparently one of us was a little worried about running out though!

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