Pregnancy Journal: Kick, kick kick

8 Aug

One of my favorite things about pregnancy is feeling the baby move around. It’s so reassuring to know she’s doing OK. People often talk about babies “kicking” which, for us, is a complete understatement of what’s going on in there. I’m not sure what other babies do/mamas feel but it sure seems like this little girl is an especially active one. I often get poked, jabbed, patted, or otherwise body slammed in ways that make me laugh out loud. They say a good way to track/check fetal movements is by monitoring how long it takes to feel ten movements at a time of day when you know the baby is most active. On average, you should get there in 10-15 minutes but it may take up to two hours. I haven’t ever actually done this but I’m fairly certain we could get to a count of 10 within 2-3 minutes most days. We’re in for some pretty funny/exhausting times if this continues once she gets out! Perhaps we’ll have to get her this onesie.

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

Of course, when I first felt her move I wasn’t quite sure that’s what it even was. I think the earliest they say you can generally feel the baby is somewhere around 15 weeks or so. I thought I felt little popcorn like movements by then that might be kicks. I’m still not sure if that was really her but what I realized later was that I did actually feel her move but more often as something Pete and I call “surfacing.” All of a sudden she’ll just press on the front part of my belly like a scuba diver rising to the surface of the water and make a very hard lump from whatever part of her body it is. :)


3 Responses to “Pregnancy Journal: Kick, kick kick”

  1. eatsawonderfullife August 8, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    Isn’t pregnancy great:). You described exactly what I felt too! I never counted because it would be exhausting! Without counting I knew he was way over the limit of being okay. And he is still a kicker on the outside:).

    • pleasantandhome August 11, 2012 at 10:18 am #

      Too funny! I’m trying to get in as much sleep as I can now so I can keep up with this rowdy baby! :)


  1. Pregnancy Journal: 35 weeks and {quickly!} counting | pleasant and home - January 5, 2015

    […] Like her sister, this baby is a mover. Only she’s sitting lower and squishing my organs more and I’m pretty sure just kicks and jabs harder. Her movements still make me laugh (generally in disbelief) and I love the reassurance that she is growing and doing well. But I could do without the threats of heartburn each night that seem to be the result of all of this. […]

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