Summer 2012

23 Sep

With fall officially here, I figured I better do a quick recap on where our summer went! I knew once we got back from Savannah the weeks would just fly by and indeed they did. As you might have guessed, a lot of our summer activities were influenced by the fact that our first baby is on its way – either because they were things that needed to be done to get ready for baby or things that we wanted to do while we still easily could. Sadly, a lot of things went without being photographed as I just didn’t have the time and energy to carry around my camera and worry about editing. But here’s a rundown –

  • Took a trip out to Colorado to visit friends and family. We have literally one picture from this trip that Pete took.

  • Took a trip to St. Louis for the very fun wedding of a college friend.
  • Bought a new car. Because I just didn’t think getting a car seat in and out of my 2-door 2003 Honda Civic sounded like a good time.
  • Had new carpet installed in the bedrooms (finally! Another one to cross off the 30 Before 30 list…even if very late.)
  • Turned our guest bedroom/office/craft storage room into a nursery. Which meant moving our guest bedroom furniture out of the condo and the office/craft storage into the living room. This has been a long, slow process but if we ever finish I’ll post some photos of both.
  • Bought life insurance. If that doesn’t make you feel like an adult I don’t know what will.
  • Celebrated our 5th anniversary! Our tradition is to go to our favorite Greek restaurant to reminisce about our honeymoon.
  • Went to the usual assortment of birthday parties, graduation parties, concerts, and dinners with friends.
  • Took a weekend trip to Michigan with three of my college girlfriends.

  • Showered three babies, including our own, with lots of love.
  • Learned that a Ukranian-Catholic wedding ceremony is not the same as a traditional Catholic ceremony. And that Ukranians are amazing dancers.
  • Splurged on dinner at Next.
  • Continued working with new and returning photography clients – including another wedding and a product photography project (which was new to me.)
  • Took some DIY maternity photos. I would have liked to have hired someone, I even reached out to a few people, but it just didn’t come together. Pete actually did a really good job with the ones I asked him to take. But it’s difficult to be relaxed when you’re either directing the shot or taking it (with a timer.)
  • Sat and watched in amazement as my baby did acrobatics in my belly. (Pete and I might just be easily amused, but she provides daily entertainment.)

And, often, I just rested. I didn’t clean enough. Or cook enough. Or organize enough. I didn’t even make as many to-do lists as I normally do. Everything took me longer to get done than I’d like. But it was a good summer. A very good summer. And now it’s time for fall. Which means it’s almost time for a baby!

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