Pregnancy Journal: Only a few more weeks

25 Sep

I’m not really sure how it happened, but somehow we’re already less than four weeks away from my due date. My guess has always been that she’ll come sooner though. She was measuring big at both ultrasounds and has continued to be very active. I’m just not sure she’s going to want to keep hanging out in such tight quarters. We’ll see though. This is obviously not up to me. After a brief scare a few weeks ago with contractions that were coming too often (scarier in my own head than reality – they eventually stopped and I didn’t even need to go in to the doctor), I’m just grateful we’ve gotten this far. With each week I know she’s getting stronger and more able to live in this outside world all on her own. Later this week she’ll be considered full-term (though not due for another three still.) But I am happy to keep her right where she is for as long as she needs. I’d say as long as she wants but the doctors aren’t going to let her stay too long.

I am one of the lucky (and hopefully not too annoying…) women whose pregnancy has been relatively easy. These last few weeks, as the baby has shifted lower in my belly,  my walks to and from the train are sometimes a little harder. By the end of the day my back, legs and feet might hurt more. I’m slower and more easily fatigued. And all of a sudden I’m realizing my hands and feet have gotten gradually more swollen as I’m down to just my wedding band and had to buy new shoes so I have something with closed toes to wear as the weather gets cooler.

But it’s really not so bad. I still love being pregnant. Even if these next few weeks continue to get more physically difficult, it’s hard to believe that they will be over so soon. I’m sure each stage of her life will seem to go by too quickly so I am forever grateful that I was able to enjoy this one so much.

One Response to “Pregnancy Journal: Only a few more weeks”

  1. Kris & Chris September 27, 2012 at 11:33 pm #

    I can’t believe she’s almost here!! What a relief to reach 37 weeks. I’m so glad that your pregnancy has been a positive experience :)

    p.s. you are right she will grow fast. Continue to enjoy every moment.

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