Fall Treats

14 Oct

Now that it’s too cold for ice cream, my sweet tooth has turned to more fall appropriate treats. I won’t usually bake for just the two of us (recipe sizes are meant for sharing!) so I was excited to recently have two different get-togethers with friends to try out some new recipes I found on Pinterest.

First up was a spin on traditional caramel apples – Caramel Apple Snickers Pie

Oh my deliciousness. And it doesn’t even require baking. Way too good and way too easy to make. Especially considering apples are my favorite thing ever right now. I swear I’ve eaten more already this year than in the past 10 years combined. I made the recipe as listed in the link above but it turned out to be too much apple and too much cool whip mixture for my pie crust, in case you want to cut back on both of those.

And then there was Pumpkin Cake –

Photo source: sheknows.com

This was probably especially good to me because Pete doesn’t like pumpkin flavored anything so I don’t ever make it. However, pumpkin everything was the request of a friend who just had a baby and I certainly wasn’t going to deny her! Again, I made the recipe as listed in the link (following directions is really the extent of my cooking abilities!) and I thought both the cake and the frosting were delicious.

Mmmm. And now that I’m thinking of fall favorites, Charise’s S’Mores Cookies just came to mind. If I had the ingredients on hand I’d probably make them right now using the justification that I could bring the rest to work. Perhaps a trip to the grocery store is in order…

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