A few of my favorite baby things

14 Dec

With the holidays coming, I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of baby gift guides out there. Those bloggers are all far more stylish than I am and generally seem to be far more willing to spend a lot of money on a small child who will quickly outgrow things. So, I’ll leave them to their lovely gift guides while I present the reality of what I’ve loved for our new mom/baby needs.

Onesies with snaps – I’ve had several people tell me that zippers are the way to go but I respectively disagree. They apparently find the snaps difficult to deal with in the middle of the night. Now, maybe this is unfair since Pete changes the diapers in the middle of the night, but I strongly prefer snaps. It makes it far easier to check whether the diaper needs to be changed (the diapers come with wetness indicators now! how things have changed since I babysat!) without having to expose the baby’s whole body.


This particular onesie happens to be a newborn favorite of mine. Claire looked so pretty in it that I might need to go out and get it in a bigger size too.

Changing pad liners – Oh, poop. It gets talked about – and cleaned up – so much in our house now. Though the changing pad covers are pretty, we’ve also liked having these liners on hand to minimize the number of times we have to change and clean the whole cover.


OxiClean MaxForce Stain Remover – Sticking with that same theme, I had no idea you had to pre-treat baby poop stains in clothes. (I’ve mentioned before I’m not so good at laundry!) This stuff gets everything out. Amazing.


NoseFrida Snot Sucker – This is a little gross but it works. I’d rather a little gross than listen to my poor baby struggle to breathe at night. The regular aspirator just wasn’t as effective for us. And I like that you can see exactly what you’re getting out with this one.


Soothies Gel Pads – If you’re planning on breastfeeding, I recommend having some of these on hand before the baby is even born. Without going into too much detail, breastfeeding has been harder than I expected (and I expected it to be hard.) It seems like a lot of what I read or heard about beforehand focused on getting a proper latch. Maybe I was just ignoring the other parts but it made it seem like any issues would be identified right away and should clear up in the first few weeks. Though we had a bit of trouble right in the beginning our real troubles didn’t even start until around 2 or 3 weeks when Claire was suddenly super fussy when eating. These things saved me when I wasn’t sure how much longer I would make it.


I tried the Ameda brand too and also liked those. They can be used longer which is a plus, especially in the beginning. But the Lansinoh version has a fabric backing that I have a slight preference for so I plan to keep some of these on hand for any future needs.

Car seat strap covers – I’m including these on my list because I saw them in the store and thought they were for overprotective parents. Then I saw how Claire’s head leaned in her car seat and the mark the strap made on her neck one day. Oh my goodness, so sad. I got online and bought these the same day.


I’m guessing not all babies have the same issue but, as a bonus, she looks pretty cute with her little face squished between her bunnies. :)

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