DIY Ornaments – 2012

20 Dec

For this year’s holiday ornament I decided to re-create an old favorite of mine. It’s the little snowman labeled “c.” below that I first posted about here.

Christmas OrnamentsI think my Grandma made the original. As a note to self, I probably should not try to re-create things my Grandma made. She’s pretty much a nicer Martha Stewart with a few more children, less time spent in prison, and no bazillion dollar company to pass down to us (bummer on that last one.) But point being, everything she makes is perfect.

With the baby taking up much of my time this year I knew I’d need something I could get done easily – and could easily start and stop as she needed me – because I wanted a whole bunch of them.


You should be able to buy the mini clothespins at your local craft store but they were sold out at mine so I found them on Amazon. I decided to make the scarf out of yarn to add some dimension which I thought was fun.

Clothespin snowman

The other bonus to the snowmen (as compared to the previous years’ ornaments) is that I could mail them since I wasn’t sure I’d see everyone in time. With the exception of actually going to the post office (one of my least favorite chores), I love mailing things. Just one more chance for fun wrapping! I went for untraditional colors based on these pretty pink bubble mailers and free holiday printables.


Yay! Crafting makes me happy and even though it was a little trickier to plan and execute this year I’m glad I was able to keep the tradition alive.

{In case you missed the previous years’ ornaments: 2010 and 2011}


One Response to “DIY Ornaments – 2012”

  1. Krishann December 31, 2012 at 11:29 pm #

    These are too cute and would be so fun to make with the Little Miss!! Next year I need to remember to come check out your ornaments posts :)

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