Project 52 – Week 1 {Resolution}

3 Jan

Hello 2015!

Yes, I’m still here. Still wishing I blogged more. Still needing to finish up my venting about allergies. And filling you in on some of the other, more fun, things going. But sometimes needing to get “caught up” keeps me from writing anything. So we’re jumping around a little today.

I’m part of a very helpful and supportive photography Facebook group and one of the other photographers in the group decided to start a Project 52. This is essentially a photography challenge encouraging everyone to take a photo each week meeting that week’s theme. I’m not gonna lie, I think a lot of her themes are going to be difficult for me to turn into an image. But I realized recently there were far too many months last year where I did not pick up my real camera and take any pictures of our life. So what’s a challenge without a little bit of…challenge, right?

The first week’s theme was “Resolution.”

I had a hard time with this one because I don’t usually make New Year resolutions. But since I need to push myself to participate, after much reflection, I came to the realization that, for several years now, the New Year has brought me increased creative energy. And the word “Create” encompasses so much of what I love and want to do this year. So I’ll make it my resolution to create in 2015 and will fill in the blanks of exactly what that means on any given day as it comes to me.

This image isn’t necessarily how I hope to interpret most of the week’s themes. But I’ve also been sick in bed the past several days and it’s the best I could do. Representations of at least some of the things I know or hope will be part of what I’m creating this year: nourishing food, the baby growing in my belly, photography and photoshop, happy memories, and a lovely, organized home.


Let’s hope I can keep up with this. :)


One Response to “Project 52 – Week 1 {Resolution}”

  1. Pete Sablich January 4, 2015 at 11:25 pm #

    Can’t wait to experience all the wonderful things you create this year!!

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