About Me

Hi everyone, I’m Jackie and I’m excited you’ve stopped by my blog!

I started this all a little while ago after one of my best friends moved from Chicago to London. She wanted a way to keep up with the projects I was doing even though she wasn’t here to see them. Around the same time, my social media expert of a former roommate was encouraging us all to get blogs anyway. Seemed like a pretty good fit.

If you spend much time here you’ll pretty quickly realize that my favorite things are pink, soft, sparkly, or a combination thereof. (Yes, I do often stop to remind myself that I’m not actually 5 years old.) Other favorites include my husband, my family & friends, being home, red wine, photography (though not necessarily being photographed), organization, coffee (lots of coffee!), and traveling.

I’m an accountant, so I spend most of my time analyzing numbers and processes. Two things that actually suit me pretty well but most people would consider painfully boring. My blog is for the other side of my brain.  Somewhere to post projects and provide the inspiration needed to finish them. To talk about the people I love and the things I love to do.

Welcome to pleasant and home.


Pete and Jackie - by the bridge


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