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True (Laundry) Confessions

18 Apr

I am not good at laundry. I mean, I can put clothes in the washer and dryer and hope they turn out OK (disclaimer: I don’t even remember the last time I did that – Pete does all of our regular laundry) but ironing and stains have me beat. This isn’t usually a big deal because I a) don’t generally buy clothes that need to be ironed b) send clothes that do need to be ironed (like Pete’s work shirts) to the dry cleaners and c) am not that messy so don’t get a lot of stains on my clothes. (Also, now that I think of it, most of my clothes are from Target or Old Navy so even if I did get something on them it wouldn’t be a heartbreaking loss.)

However, this past weekend, I got on a spring cleaning kick and decided the couch slipcovers, window coverings, and our bedskirt all needed to be washed. In reality, they all probably needed to be washed months or even years ago which may be part of the problem here. But Sunday was the day I finally decided to do it. I treated the stains on the slipcovers with a stain stick and was pleasantly surprised that they turned out well.

I moved on to the white roman shades, sheers, and bedskirt. I figured this should be the easier of my tasks since they’re white and I could bleach them. The roman shades were the cleanest of the bunch. The sheers from our bedroom window were literally black. We open our windows whenever we can and I don’t really want to think about what we’re breathing in if that’s what they look like. The bedskirt was fine on the side of the bed away from the window, not so good on the side closest to the window (again, yuck.)

So I washed everything, with bleach, and they look the same as before. Did I do something wrong? Wait too long to wash? Not use the right bleach? Not use enough bleach? I didn’t dry them, so is there anything I can do to try again? Sigh.

Maybe if I had a laundry room like one of these I’d also (magically) be better at doing the laundry?