Pregnancy Journal: 35 weeks and {quickly!} counting

5 Jan

In classic second pregnancy fashion, I am already 35 weeks along and just barely getting one pregnancy journal post in. The sad thing about this is that I just re-read the few I wrote when I was pregnant with Claire and they made me so happy! But a lot of things make me happy. Like spending time with Claire. And sleeping. And a lot of things just need to be done. Like more sleeping. And, let’s be honest, I waste a lot of time. But let’s call that resting. It sounds better. Sometimes I start drafting blog posts, or even letters to Claire, in my head while I’m doing something where I can’t actually write but I think my success rate for getting those thoughts into written words is…oooooh….zero. So here we are.

Very soon, our family of 3 will be a family of 4.

2nd Pregnancy Announcement

This pregnancy has been a bit more physically difficult than my first, though still nothing to really complain about. I was still nursing Claire when I got pregnant and my diet was pretty restricted due to her allergies. Most notably absent to a newly pregnant woman: wheat. Ohhhhh how I just wanted some carbs. Claire was doing well though and I was finally confident she would continue to do well without breastmilk so we weaned her fairly soon after finding out. As with many of these “my baby is growing up” moments in our relationship, I was sad and she did great. Of course, I’m not totally convinced she understands that she won’t be getting more milk from Mama when the baby comes. That may be an interesting bridge to cross when we get there…

I was again lucky to have no real morning (or any other time of day) sickness and I’m pretty sure any cravings I was having were mostly due to the freedom to eat whatever I wanted again and not necessarily the pregnancy. But I was tired. Oh so tired. For so very long. I was well into my second trimester before I felt like my energy returned at all. That is really not so good for getting anything done. I’m pretty sure that by the time my energy returned, my lower back had started hurting. Also not good for getting anything done. So, essentially, I just accepted that I would no longer be getting a whole lot done. Problems solved! ;)

2nd Gender Reveal

Like her sister, this baby is a mover. Only she’s sitting lower and squishing my organs more and I’m pretty sure just kicks and jabs harder. Her movements still make me laugh (generally in disbelief) and I love the reassurance that she is growing and doing well. But I could do without the threats of heartburn each night that seem to be the result of all of this.

And then there are those Braxton-Hicks contractions that my body likes to get so early. They started 2 weeks ago and most certainly freaked me out again. Too early. We are not ready. More importantly, she is not ready! They seem stronger than I remember from this early with Claire. But with each week I feel better knowing that she is getting bigger and stronger and will do great whenever she decides to arrive.


2 Responses to “Pregnancy Journal: 35 weeks and {quickly!} counting”

  1. Krishann January 5, 2015 at 11:36 pm #

    You are just adorable!!!! Such a beautiful family. Congratulations!

    • pleasantandhome January 12, 2015 at 9:58 pm #

      Thanks Kris! Miss you and hope you and your family are off to a great start this New Year! :)

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